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Paint and Assembly, working on the new motor

Last Week’s Progress with Dad and Today’s Motor Work

Into the motor we go

So my parents are in town for a few days. Dad and I spent some time working on the motor for the 240Z today. I’ll try to take some pictures...

Datsun 240z 280Z L28E parts on Ebay!

So I took some time this evening to put parts up on Ebay. You can see them all by looking at my items for sale page!

Random emails

I get some of the most random emails from this website.

Taking apart the new motor

So Nick came over this morning and helped me get the motor off the ground and onto the engine stand so I could begin tearing it apart. After breaking a...

A space heater and gasoline...

Today Nick and I ran around town, getting some metal for his 240Z, then around to find a few other supplies that he needed.

Another 240Z for the site?

What? Another 240Z may become part of www.project240z.com? More information next week…..

Unpacking the new toolbox.

Checkout the video (with a few new dancing moves for entertainment) of the assembly of the new toolbox to try to help me get the garage organized!

Say it isn't so! We've found the piston!

What? Chris actually worked on the 240Z? Impossible! It tis true, it really is. Tonight I got home and decided it was time to tear into the motor, so I...