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Excellent customer service from GoPro

The night before an autocross, and I'm stoked for tomorrow, even if it rains (as forecasted). I got a replacement GoPro HD camera today in the mail.

350z Traction Control and Square Tires

So I experienced something while driving the 350z yesterday that I haven't experienced in quite a while. Typically the 350z comes with a staggered tire setup, meaning that the front...

350z Autocross Tire Pressures

So with all the blogging I've done over the years I have been unable to find any posts where I mentioned tire pressures!

Weighing the 350z at the Divisional

So there's been much debate (or really just many people telling me I am crazy) over on SCCAForums in the thread I started to discuss the proposed move of the...

Night before the Project 350z's first divisional

So today was a busy day, I had a lot to catch up on at work, training to provide internally, and a final to take this afternoon. After that I...