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Why you should autocross

Autocross is an exciting and challenging motorsport that is quickly gaining popularity among car enthusiasts. It is a competitive event where drivers navigate a course that is laid out on...

Race Gear in St. Louis Missouri

Solo Performance Specialties is your one stop shop for all your autocross needs. They have a huge selection of tires, wheels, and suspension parts. They are located in St. Louis,...

One Year Later

I realized a couple of days ago that it had been 12 months since the FR-S met its unfortunate demise.

Parting out the Scion FR-S

The time has finally come, time that I finally have, to try to start getting the 2016 Scion FR-S parted out.

Autocross Crash and Why You Need Autocross Insurance

Hello there, long time no see…. Where has SpecFRS gone? Well here’s the story of how my autocross car came to a very sad demise, and a couple of tips...