Paint and Assembly, working on the new motor

Last week Dad and I worked on the motor a bit, then I got sick and work pretty much halted. Today I started on what I had hoped to do last Sunday, cleaning up and reassembling motor bits.

Here's a list of the things I did today, or attempted to do :)

Painted the oil pan. Last week dad and I took the Oil pan from the L28ET motor to the car washed and tried to clean it up, it had a lot of left over motor parts in it from the destruction, and I also noticed that the pan itself had taken a beating during the desctruction, though it only put a few dents in the bottom, no punctures.I cleaned up some of the inside of the pan today and then painted the bottom with some 1200 degree flat black. After painting it I cleaned up and installed a new gasket and attached the pan to the block. I did figure out that I had to change the oil pickup from the L28ET to the L28E, so that the turbo pan would attach properly. Not a big deal but I hadn't expected that so I spent some time cleaning up the pickup.

Painted Oil Pan

Painted exhaust manifold and turbo downpipe. I don't figure the paint will last very long on these as I imagine the turbo will get pretty hot, but I figured I'd at least pretty them up a bit before putting them back on the car.

Painted Turbo Down Pipe Painted Exhaust Manifold

Painted the valve cover. The turbo valve cover had a few places where the paint was chipped off, so I hit it with the flat black. I'm not sure it's pretty, but it is better than it was before. It really needs to be powder coated sometime.

Painted Valve Cover Upright again

Beyond the above, I also took a few pictures of the bottom of the motor. I'm not exactly sure why, but the coloring of the internals of this motor is far more orange or red than the other motor was. I'm assuming one of the following scenarios. 1. The motor has a lot more miles on it and the coloring is due to this use. 2. The motor is 5 years older than the other motor and the metal is just different between the two. Anyone have any thoughts? Here's what I'm talking about

Photos from Today


Needs paint! IMG_5435 IMG_5436 IMG_5437 IMG_5438 IMG_5439

Photos of the old motor, taken over a year ago.

CJH_06-05-11-19-01-28 CJH_06-05-11-19-01-32

It looks like I won't get much done over the next three weeks on the car. The next three weekends I have out of town races (in the Corvette) and quite a bit of home work for school, not to mention a lot going on at the office.

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