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2024 SPS Pick The Winners Contest

You may have noticed a link in our main navigation to AutocrossRank.com, that’s our sister site! Another project from Chris Hammond!

1975 Triumph TR6 Alternator Upgrade and Replacement

So now for a little story about the Triumph. The first of potentially many. Another Project car!

2008 Corvette Z51 For Sale

As of June 13, 2024 the Corvette has been sold

10 Reasons why your teen driver should Autocross, and you should too

Autocross provides a multifaceted platform that is ideal for teaching teen drivers about the intricacies of safe and skilled driving. Here are ten reasons why enrolling your teen in autocross...

Recap of the 2024 St. Louis CAM Challenge Autocross

Last week, the thrill of autocross took over the Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri, with the 2024 St. Louis CAM Challenge event. Competitors in various classes including CAM (Classic...

From Cones to Camaraderie: Recap of St. Louis's First Autocross of 2024

The first local autocross of the year was officially Event #2 for the St. Louis Region SCCA. Why Event #2 if it was the first? Event #1 ended up getting...

Red Hills National Tour Results

Last Thursday I wrote a blog post about the trip down to Moultrie Georgia for the 2024 Red Hills Solo National Tour, this post will serve as the event review...

Roadtrip to Moultrie

#SOLONATSHASSTARTED Here we go. We are on the road south to Moultrie, Georgia for the 2024 Tire Rack SCCA Red Hills National Tour at Spence Field. I met Dave and...

Autocross Trophies, do you need them or want them?

Here in the St. Louis region, you used to compete for a trophy at every event you entered. You could stick around after the event, and if you qualified, you...