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Chris and Bill Hammond 2008 Topeka KS

Another blog from Chris Hammond.

I started autocross fresh out of college in 2000. I had heard about autox from a fraternity brother as well as from my father who used to do gymkhana events in Missouri in the 60s, but I had never been to or seen an event.

I purchased a book about VWs, in it were stories and quotes from the Bob and Patty Tunnel. I joined the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), got the Solo rule book, read it cover to cover, and started attending membership meetings of the St. Louis region.

I signed up for the local Novice school, and was hooked. I started autocrossing in a 1994 VW Golf, it wasn’t much, but it was what I had. I quickly learned that the all season tires on it weren’t going to be much fun and bought a set of Kumho tires and a new set of Kosei K1 wheels.

I was hooked, and have autocrossed pretty heavily (and sometimes lightly) over the past 24 years.

This blog is a culmination of a number of projects including Project240z.com, Project350z.com and SpecFRS.com. Long ago I ran a website that started out as Pylon.cc, and then turned into SOLO2.ORG which for a time was the largest autocross forum on the web. While that site isn’t around anymore, it was the start of my blogging in the autocross world.