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Project 240Z Day 1 of Parts Car Motor Pull 2-24

Spent today disconnecting things from the motor so I can get the motor and transmission pulled out tomorrow. Also removed some of the front end body work I need to...

Parts Car draining the fluids 2-23

In prepping the parts car for engine and transmission removal I needed to drain fluids!

You're invited this weekend. Good luck at the 100 Acre Wood

Alright, this coming weekend is the time. I’m going to pull the motor out of the parts car this weekend, as well as the transmission, and any other parts I...

February 17th, Garage Cleanup/Organization

I spent a few hours on the 17th getting the garage cleaned up so that I can begin pulling the motor out of the parts car. I hope to begin...

Learning about Turbos

Well, I will be the first to admit. I’m a total NOOB when it comes to Turbos, heck engines for that matter. Tonight I ran across the link below over...

New Garage Organization 2-17

Video of me working organizing the new garage.

Thanks for 4wd

Days like today I’m glad I don’t have the 350Z anymore and get to drive around in the Tahoe. I love the snow!

No work done this weekend!

Well, as usual I didn’t get to touch the Datsuns at all this weekend. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get started back up in the garage. It was...

Where are the pictures?

I’ll start digging up some of the pictures of the cars later this week and get them posted. Some are probably on flickr, so I’ll track them down and get...