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Our first California Autocross, with video and photos

So today was the first time I've ever autocrossed in California, and the first time the car has seen an event since our runs at the Colorado event in January....

NorCal UFO Autocross, The Night Before

Well, it looks like it is finally time to autocross the beast again! It’s been since January. I’m headed to the Northern California United 510 Owner’s club autocross tomorrow in...

Project240z Lives Again

Yes, it's true folks, the Project240z lives again! Check out the latest incarnation! So what if it is in a web based video game.

Nismo Cold Air Intake for a 350z

So when the Project350z was purchased in Colorado back in January it had a Nismo Cold Air Intake on it. Shortly thereafter I moved to California, and guess what? The...

Where'd the 350z go?

So it's been a while since I've done any updates here on, so here's a quick update.