Into the motor we go

So my parents are in town for a few days. Dad and I spent some time working on the motor for the 240Z today. I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow.

We pulled the valve cover off, as well as the oil pan, to look things over on the motor. So far things look good, though we could see quite a bit of crap sitting above the valves, mostly dead bugs and such. I tried to get them out with a combination of the air compressor and a shop vac, tomorrow I’ll know if it worked. We also removed the oil pan and made sure things down there were alright. We’ll check the torque on bolts tomorrow and then put the oil pan from the Turbo motor back on.

One thing I noticed, the 78 L28E has round exhaust ports while the 83 L28ET that died had square, so I’ll have to do some research and see if the intake/exhaust manifolds should work on that 78 head or not. My plan was to take the turbo/exhaust setup from the 83 and put it onto the 78, hopefully tomorrow.

Other than that, we tried replacing the rear main seal, though I think the one we put in will probably leak more than the one we took out so I’ve ordered another one. We did all this with the motor on the engine stand which limited our access to the seal, when I have the motor back up on the cherry picker we’ll replace the seal before attaching the flywheel and transmission.


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