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Working on the motor again

Tonight I spent some good time working on the motor for the 240Z again. Here’s the YouTube video!

The Return

The car is finally back home, within reach of me actually working on it and hopefully getting it running in the next few weeks.

Project240Z Videos, she's back!!!!

So it has been a while since I’ve posted any P240Z videos, too long in fact. Well here are two, one that i failed to post back in March, and...

Trailer is ready to go

So I picked up the trailer this evening, here’s to hoping the tires have air in them tomorrow so I can bring the car home! Nick is supposed to be...

The 240Z, August 2008

August 2008, that is the month that the 240Z will come home. Oh yes, it will come home, and hopefully it will run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flywheel thanks

While in Atlanta for the National Tour Carter Thompson brought me a gift. He had a lightened flywheel from his 240Z that he had been telling me about for the...

Cherry 240Z in Manchester Tennessee

So I’m stopped in Manchester Tennessee tonight on my way home and to Lynchburg tomorrow. I went out to check on the car out in the parking lot and saw...

240Z Status

Alright, here’s my goal, and I’m stating it here so I can hopefully hold myself accountable.