The motor is in the Project 240z!

Look out Jeffs, the motor is in the Project 240z! Dad and I spent all day today working on the car, and I even swung by one of Jeef’s old employer’s to pickup some parts today as well.

Dad spent most of the morning working on the clutch master cylinder and brake master cylinder, cleaning them up quite a bit, and using a rebuild kit on the clutch MC. The brake MC has some corrosion inside, so I’ll be ordering a rebuilt MC tomorrow that I should be able to pickup tomorrow night.

I spent the morning taking parts off of the 78 motor, cleaning them and putting them onto the 83 motor. Over the afternoon and early evening Dad and I managed to seperate the 5spd transmission from the 78 motor and put it onto the 83 motor. From the looks of things the 83 motor was either once powering an automatic tranny, or was prepped to perform that work as we had to replace the driveplate with the flywheel/pressure plate from the 78 motor as well.

After getting the transmission together and putting some of the parts I scavanged from the 78 motor Dad and I managed to get the motor into the Project 240z. I must say, removing motors is far easier than actually putting them back in the car. We put bolts into the motor mounts, and also into the crossmember underneath the transmission to hold it all in place, but have yet to tighten anything down just yet.

The megasquirt equipment should be here soon, hopefully. I’ve still gotta find a few parts for the ignition/fuel system. My goal is still to fire up the car next weekend, though I’m going to need a lot of help to do that. I’m still hoping Mr. Whittle will be able to assist this week with getting the Megasquirt setup on the car.

Does anyone have a Ford Cobra MAF lying around anywhere? I’m in need of one.

Photos have been uploaded and can be found on the photos page!

Still half nakedIMG_0348Front shotIMG_0346IMG_0345IMG_0344


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