Junk Yard Saturday

Today, well yesterday now, it’s 1am, Dad and I went to Speedway salvage over in Madison Illinois. 3-4 hours later we walked out of there with $120 worth of parts for the Project 240Z. I didn’t realize you could spend that much on junk?

I got most of the ignition system I needed to complete the Megasquirt setup, some interior plastics I needed, as well as the steering wheel off my parts car that I dropped off at Speedway two weeks ago. I think they even charged me for the wheel.

Dad took apart the brake master cylinder and start cleaning it, we’ll do the same with the clutch cylinder tomorrow, and reassemble that with the rebuild kit I picked up this evening. I couldn’t find a brake mc kit in town tonight, so that will have to be a future product. I also picked up 7 feet of hydrolic line to run a new clutch line and repair a brake line I had to cut last week.

Tomorrow (Today) we’ll see how far we can get towards putting the 83 motor into the car. I’m going to be working on getting the parts we need off of the motor from the parts car so we can get the motor setup to drop in the car.

More tomorrow


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