Another night of wrenching on the car

Dad and I spent a few hours working on the 240z this evening. We got the clutch pedal in, and even got as far as putting the Clutch Master Cylinder in the car. We went to put the 78 280Z brake booster in the 73 240Z, but ended up figuring out that the firewalls on the two cars are different, and the booster out of the 78 won't fit in the 73 with a clutch installed. Sooooo, now we're trying to verify that we can use the recently purchased rebuilt brake master cylinder for the 78 booster, on the 73 booster, without any issue. We'll see how that goes!

After work today I ran to Illinois again to hit the Speedway salvage yard up for more parts as well. I picked up 3 wiring harnesses for the fuel injectors for the L28 motors. 1 set was off my old parts car, another off a 78 coupe that was there and another set off an 82 I believe. I'm hoping with all those connectors I can come up with at least 6 that are good enough to use to start the car up.

After the junkyard I hit up Carquest to pickup the rebuilt master cylinder, it was actually just about the same price as a rebuild kit, so buying the already built one made too much sense.

Hopefully tomorrow we can get that rest of the brake and clutch items squared away. I'm also making an electronics run tomorrow to get bits and pieces of items necessary for the megasquirt install that I hope to tackle this weekend.

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