Race tire mounting in the San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula)

So as I try to get ready for the 2011 autocross season I stopped into a tire shop the other day, the Les Schwab on El Camino in San Carlos, California.

I was curious how much they would charge to mount and balance for 18” tires. For those of you who don’t autocross, it is very common for autocrossers to need a local tire changing service, while not purchasing the tires from that location as well.

I’ve had placed charge anywhere from $60 to $80. When I asked Les Schwab what they would charge he told me $149, I literally laughed, said thank you, and walked out.

I’ll be tasked now with finding a local shop who will hopefully do it for cheaper. I was spoiled in St. Louis, I had access to the tire machine at [Solo Performance Specialties](https://www.soloperformance.com/, I had a % share in the machine, actually I still do. It might be cheaper just to ship wheels and tires to Dave and have him mount them.

Getting them shipped back though might make that cost prohibitive

Anyone got any leads to a good tire mounting shop on the peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area?


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