Decking out the Project350z in DotNetNuke

I don’t have an Autocross event coming up for a couple weeks, but I couldn’t wait, I had to do something to the car.

So here she is, DotNetNuke logos on the front and the back of the 350z.


What is DotNetNuke? DotNetNuke is an open source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology

Why would someone put a DotNetNuke logo on their car? This website runs on DotNetNuke. My personal website runs on DotNetNuke, my wife’s site runs on DotNetNuke, my daughter’s website runs on DotNetNuke, runs on DotNetNuke. I work for DotNetNuke Corporation. I’ve used DotNetNuke for 8 years now. My life revolves around DotNetNuke, and has for a long time, and hopefully will for a long time as well.

So I found it fitting that I should try to help promote the product in any way I can. That includes putting the logo on my car, front and back. I’ve done it before, on a different car, so why not on my current car!

So what do you think? Am I crazy?


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