Megasquirt woes, too much fuel?

So I will start this post off staying this: I know nothing, I am a noob when it comes to the megasquirt, and tuning a fuel injection car (or a carb'd car for that matter).

That being said, I think my megasquirt is giving the car too much fuel when it's trying to start. I don't know how to prove this, other than to learn how to mess with the fuel map for the megasquirt and see if I can't back off the fuel a big when trying to start the car. The car doesn't like to start, it's very hesitant to do so, and  to me it just sounds like it's flooded and can't ignite because of this. I'll have to do some reading here over the next week or so to see if I can't figure it out and get the car to reliably start.

I did start to adjust the fuel map a bit this afternoon but ended up not getting enough juice from the battery to power the starter and the fuel pump at the same time, so I've got the battery on the charge. The charger has been getting a workout today as it was plugged into an 89 RX-7 for a few hours while I charged the battery on that ride up so it can be loaded on the transport truck later today (if the guy ever shows up).

Earlier this week I did manage to get the datsun started, and even backed it out of the garage, but I couldn't keep it running enough to drive it back in so I had to push it. I moved it over into the third bay so that I could make room for the F250 to park inside for the winter. That truck is huge, barely fits into our 24ft garage (we also have 18” shelves in front of it), but it does fit, so that made the wife exceptionally happy!

I'll try to get some new photos of the Datsun later this week. I may start doing some body work prep on it, I have a coupon for a maaco paint job for $275, so I think I'll get some bondo out to smooth out some rough spots and get it ready for paint. Bondo? Maaco? I don't see any value in putting a lot of money into the exterior of this Datsun at this point. I just need it to run, and not be 5 different colors, so I'll take it to Maaco for a flat black paint job and be done with it!

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