Should I make the 240Z Electric?

Today, while I was hard at work, a buddy of mine sent me a link to a car on Ebay, it was a 1984 Rabbit GTI with 517 original miles. I was looking at the car in amazement, seeing it was in St. Louis, and more so in Creve Couer, near where we used to live.

From there I clicked on another link, I'm not even sure which one, and I came across a list of cars, one that peaked my interest, a 356 speedster replica. I decided to check it out, and then I started reading more realizing it was also local to St. Louis, but get this. It is electric! I thought, oh that's cool, but then I scrolled down and started watching the video embedded into the ebay page. I'm 68 minutes into it, it's a 91 minute video.

This is awesome, I so want to turn the 240Z into an electric car now! I know a guy who works for A123Systems, I wonder if I couldn't get a good deal on some batteries? :) 

If you've got some time to kill, check out the video! You can also watch more of his videos at it looks like I've got videos to watch for a week now! Maybe I can download them and watch them on the plasma. 


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