Injen Customer Service Update! It rocks!

So a while back now I complained that I wasn’t able to get any customer service from Injen Systems on the Super SES exhaust that was on my 350z when I purchased it.

Well I am happy to say that I no longer have that problem! Injen contacted me and apologized for the lack of responses previously. I was still somewhat cautious, but they did say that they could help me by sending me the parts I needed to fix the leaking system (at a cost, but I didn’t expect them for free).

The parts showed up today! So, to Injen, thank you for your help!

I’ll be installing the exhaust this weekend, taking the OEM setup back out. I’ll have to try to weigh everything before I put it in, and then the OEM one when it comes out to compare.

On an unrelated note to the exhaust. In the 2011 February Fastrack the SCCA is proposing moving the 350z from BSP to ESP. I’m going to have to write a letter, or 3, in support of that move!


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