Wheels for a 350z in STR

So I’m slowly starting to figure out what I need to do to get the car ready for the 2010 Autocross season. I’ve been looking around, reading the 2010 SCCA Solo rules, covering the details of the class. I’ve got some more research to do, but for now I’m starting to figure out which wheels I am going to run on the car.

I’ll be running in a street tire class, limited in the treadwear rating and size (width). Tire choice will be left up to another blog post all together. I’m not making a sure decision on wheels just yet, but here’s what I am currently thinking.

When I ran my 2003 350z in BStock I ran a 17” Enkei RPF1 wheels, (here’s a photo). I was limited back then in that I had to run the same size wheels as came from the factory, in STR I won’t be limited to that requirement, but there is a limit as to the max width allowed in the class, 9”. I was thinking I would likely try to get 17” wheels again, but this time in the 9” width, today however Nick put it in my head that I should look at 18” wheels.

the downfall of 18” wheels would be that they are likely going to be heavier than the same wheel in a 17”, but the benefit might be that they would have a taller tire/wheel combo, potentially helping to put more power down. The 350z likely, even in somewhat stock form, won’t have too little power, probably the most power in the class.

If I do decide to go with 18” wheels, that’ll unfortunately cost more from a tire perspective, and also more for the wheels, but the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the proper size (18”x9”) in the Enkei RPF1s, though I wouldn’t mind those wheels again. They are nice and light weight, which is definitely something I need to be concerned with in the heavy 350z.

I’m not going to be buying for a couple weeks, if that soon, but I’m definitely going to spend some more time looking at wheel options.


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