Dropping Weight in the 350z, for STR (now BSP)

This blog post will be gradually updated over time as I figure out how to drop weight in the 350z prepping it for STR in 2010 BSP for 2011.

My 2003 350Z weighed in at 3075lbs in race trim, which included the 17” Enkei RPF1s, as little fuel as possible, and all the loose items in the rear of the car removed (carpet, spare tire, tools). I also had the stock exhaust removed, and a NISMO

Y-Pipe. The car was a 2003 Enthusiast with only front airbags, aluminum door sills, and splash guards. My new car is a 2004 Enthusiast, with aluminum door sills, no splash guards, front airbags only, and a few other custom mods I will document later.

I have a feeling it weighs quite a bit more than my 03 did, but I’m hoping to get it down under 3k pounds if possible.

Things I will be looking at:


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