FR-S Bolt Pattern 5x100

Somehow a week ago when I ordered wheels for the FR-s I got it in my head that the bolt pattern was 5x114.3, but somehow I got it wrong (they should be 5x100)!

Earlier this week I went to SoloPerformance to mount my Falken Azenis RT615k+s to my newly purchased Konig Ampliforms (courtesy of, I got one of the wheels ready on the tire machine and was about to mount one of the Falkens when Dave and I remembered we needed to deal with TPMS. Due to some new sensors that he purchased and an incompatibility with the FR-S, we spent an hour trying to upgrade the scanner's firmware to make the TPMS devices work for the Scion FR-S. While researching if I could run without TPMS, I came across a post that mentioned a 5x100 bolt pattern wheel. At this point I freaked out and started researching if I in fact ordered the wrong bolt pattern for my 2016 Scion FR-S. I, in fact, did.

I emailed to see if there was a chance that I could return the wheels and try to get the proper bolt pattern. They were great, they quickly got me an RMA, and Dave at SPS shipped them back for me. I should have the new, proper bolt pattern, 5x100, in hand on Monday and hopefully will be able to get them mounted and an alignment done next week before my first local autocross in SSC, August 15th in St. Charles MO,

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