Autocross alignment in St. Louis Missouri

With the parts installed on the car, it was time to get wheels and tires mounted/balanced and installed. I also needed to get an alignment on the car as I knew it wasn't close to the autocross specs that Tire Rack had in their recommendations. So I took my car to the only place I trust for an autocross alignment in Missouri, Solo Performance Specialties.

The tires mounted up nice and easy on the Konig Ampliforms, after I got the wheels with the right bolt pattern of course. They were mounted onto the car and it was up on to the alignment rack next.

Dave at Solo Performance knows his stuff, so he was able to get the car setup as recommended.

Alignment Specs

Front Camber: -3 degrees
Front Caster: 5.4 degrees
Front Toe: 0 inches

Rear Camber: –2.25 degrees
Rear Toe: 1/8” toe in Alignment

Next up is the first St. Louis region autocross on April 15th. There are 3 SSC cars entered, so let's see how this thing (and mainly this driver) does!

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