And so it begins, now has a project

So begins the latest project, has been disposed of, after the incident a few weeks ago, where it took out a light pole, it was time for the car to go. I ended up not getting it repaired, it was actually going to cost just less than we originally paid for it, so instead, we traded it in tonight!


I’m back in autocross mode with a 2004 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast, and here she is.

You might think, hey, wait a minute, isn’t that the same car you had back when? Well, not quite. My previous 350z was a 2003 Enthusiast. What’s the difference? Well between 2k3 and 2k4, not much, 2k4 I believe is less buggy, the only physical difference i know of is that the 2004 has pads next to your leg on the center console, and a power plug under the passenger side of the dashboard.

Now, the differences between my old 2003 and my new 2004, here they are (differences as of time of purchase of the 2004, and time of sale of the 2003).

2003 2004
  • Koni Double Adjustable Shocks
  • Custom Swaybar
  • 17" OEM Wheels
  • NISMO X-pipe
  • Custom trailer hitch
  • 18" OEM Wheels from a Performance Model
  • Injen Super SES Exhaust
  • Pioneer Stereo, custom subwoofers and amplifier
  • Unknown carbon fiber front splitter
  • Unknown carbon fiber rear spoiler
  • Carbon fiber accents in Engine bay

So what comes next? Well, more modifications to get the car ready for the STR Street Touring Roadster class in the SCCA. When I’ll get to all those I’m not sure. I’m going to try to go over the car thoroughly tomorrow in the garage, see if there are any other custom parts I don’t know about. At some point in the coming weeks I’ll come up with a list of things I need to get done to the car before the full blown autocross season starts up.

Also tomorrow I’ve got a guy coming to take a look at the Project240z. I would like to keep that, but I know I shouldn’t, I won’t ever get it finished, especially now that I have this 350z!

On January 30th I’m going to take the Project350z out to its first Autocross.

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Chris Hammond
Chris Hammond has autocrossed for 24 years, racing in a variety of vehicles from a 1994 VW Golf to a 1999 Z-28, a 2003 350z, a 2004 ZO6 and a 2016 FRS. He is the founder of and created the ultimate autocross forum, SOLO2.ORG, years ago . Read more at


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