Prepping a 350z for STR (SCCA Autocross)

My initial intentions with this new (to me) 350z is to run in the newly formed STR class. This is a street tire class, meaning 140 treadwear or greater, which differs from the Stock Classes, which technically run “street legal" tires, but are often treadwear 50 or less.

STR also allows for a number of other modifications, over time I'm going to be slowly prepping the car for the class, hopefully finalizing everything by the end of the autocross year, in time for Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As I blog about the prep work for the car I'll tag the posts with “STR"

I've started by reading a couple of threads over on that website I used to manage, The first is a thread from “NelsonI", it has input from a number of different people, some you can trust, some you can't, but generally good feedback. I'll start blogging over the next few months about the some of the aspects of that post, and what I decide with the various parts and setup for the car.

UPDATE: I am not longer building for STR, I am now building for BSP

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