Yet another setback!

Tonight Natalie and I went and looked at a house, it’s got ~5 acres, a 2 stall barn, a hay shed, and an oversized two car garage. That covers the basics. While looking around in the garage I found a circuit breaker, sweet, setup just for the garage. It’s even got a section marked “Welder”! score, 220 already wired in the garage. Where do I sign?

I got home and finished dinner around 9 or 9:30pm, didn’t feel much like working on the car. So, I didn’t. Then I thought, well I had better check if the fittings I ordered last night would work on the oil cooler adapter. Guess what? They don’t f’ng fit! I don’t know who was smoking crack on the HybridZ Forums, but the oil cooler adapter plate’s fittings are NOT 18mm, at least the 18mm x 1.5 to 10AN fittings I got sure are too damn big.

After I found that, all the stuff I had overnighted from Summit last night is pretty much useless, at least until I figure out what sizes I really need, or I just try to order another oil cooler adapter. That set me over the edge, I decided I was just going to try and take the oil filter adapter out of the block from my 78 280Z motor sitting on the floor of the garage.

The other night I attempted to find two nuts to fit over this to aid in backing this adapter out, I failed at finding any. So I took my vice grips and clamped down, the adapter came out rather easily. I stuck that adapter into the block on the turbo motor, and stuck the oil filter on. Problem solved, no more oil cooler, at least not for now. Though I could have saved myself a few hundred bucks had I just done that two nights ago :(

Later tonight I went back out to the garage (around 11:30) and started looking at how I’m going to fabricate my mount for the VR sensor to read the 36-1 wheel. I think I have a good setup figured out and will fabricate that immediately after work tomorrow so I can try to finish up any welding I may need to do (I think that’s the last thing) because I know the Rally Bug will be needing the welder back soon!


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