Weighing the 350z at the Divisional

So there's been much debate (or really just many people telling me I am crazy) over on SCCAForums in the thread I started to discuss the proposed move of the 350z from BSP to ESP in SCCA Autocross classing.

Ever since the 350z was released I thought it was the perfect F-Stock car, though others have always seemed to think otherwise and it was relegated to B-Stock where all but a few events it became an also ran behind the RX-8. It was also classed in BSP (b street prepared) where it hasn't faired any better for the last 8 years. Last month the SCCA posted a proposal to move the 350z from BSP to ESP, I'm all for the move, most of the ESP folk apparently aren't, “A Japanese car in our American Car Class? How dare you!"

Alright, so no one has made that complaint, but the way they “defend" their ground they might as well be drawing lines in the soil. There's much debate about what a 350z will actually weight in SP trim, my car isn't fully SP prepped yet (and to be honest that will likely take 2-3 years due to budget) but I figured I would go ahead and weigh the car at the divisional event today.

First things first, here are the details of the car itself (if it's not mentioned it is stock)
2004 Nissan 350z "Enthusiast" package
18x10" RPF1s
305 V710s
No stereo/speakers
~2 gallons of gas
Injen Super SES dual exhaust (weighed at 15lbs lighter than stock)
Plenum spacer
Hotchkis F/R sway bars
No spare tire, tools, or rear carpeting/mats(not fastened down from the factory)

And what did it weigh in at?


That matches up fairly closely to my 2003 Enthusiast I had from 03-06 in b-stock trim. A few other mods on this one, though the old one had a lighter exhaust setup. The 2003 weighed 3075lbs.

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