Wednesday Night Progress on the Datsun 240z

Well, Wednesday night was an eventful night. When I got home from work I jumped under the car and tried to track down my coolant leak. I found small traces of coolant here and there, but I didn’t find any big problems. While under the car I found a few other things. I noticed that the oil return line off the bottom of the turbo wasn’t hooked up. Thankfully I found that, had I tried to start the car with that disconnected we would of had a real mess on our hands.

I found the coolant leak I was looking for, it, like the first coolant leak we found on Tuesday night, was in the thermostat housing. There was a plug in the housing that hadn’t been covered in teflon and hadn’t been tightened down enough either. After that I started to hookup the vacuum lines for the wastegate to the turbo.

Once I had finished under the car I decided it was time to track down the fuel leak in the rail. We initially though that the first 3 injectors were leaking on the rail, so I spent an hour notching the fuel rail brackets so that I could lower the rail close to the intake manifold more, adjusting the angle of the injectors. This ended up not being the cause of the leak, but I do believe that the angle of the injectors is now much better than before as they sit in the rail and intake much better now.

The cause of the fuel leak ended up being the 45 degree fitting we had on the inlet end of the rail. When removing the fitting on the rail I found that both the threads on the fitting and the rail were bunged up really good. There was no reusing the fitting so I would have to get another one and retap the rail.


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