Time to start

So I think the time has come. I hope to begin work on the 240Z again this week. First step, finish taking apart the blown motor and find the missing piston! Next step after that, start to take apart the L28E motor sitting on the floor. It’s been sitting for almost a year now, and I’ve learned my lesson about not taking a look at what you have (see previous “First step” above).

So I hope to get the L28E motor somewhat apart so that I can replace the seals on it, and hopefully see what shape it is in. I’d hate to put a bunch of time into it only to find it’s toast already. I know it ran, I drove the car it came out of, and I’m sure Lynn took good care of it, but I should really take some time with the motor this time so I don’t get 40 seconds of time out of it! Now, to be fair, the old motor ran for probably a good 25 to 30 minutes total. It just got to drive for about 5 minutes, and 40 seconds of an autocross run. (Why oh why didn’t I have the wife shooting Video instead of pictures?)

Nick, if you’re reading this and you aren’t working all weekend I hope to see you and the new friend over here this weekend! At least on Saturday, Sunday I should really spend time with the wife for our first Wedding Anniversary!


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