The suspension is here! Now to fix it

My birthday gift (early) from my wife showed up today (I have the best wife ever!), a new suspension (well new to me) for the 350z. There’s only one problem (and not her fault, as I ordered it) the control arms that came aren’t legal for the class the car is being built for.

The problem with them is that the arms use spherical bearings in place of bushings, and the BSP rules read

15.8.C. Suspension bushings may be replaced with bushings of any materials
(except metal) as long as they fit in the original location. Offset
bushings may be used. In a replacement bushing the amount
of metal relative to the amount of non-metallic material may not be
This does not authorize a change in type of bushing (for
example ball and socket replacing a cylindrical bushing), or use of
a bushing with an angled hole whose direction differs from that of
the original bushing. If the Stock bushing accommodated multi-axis
motion via compliance of the component material(s), the replacement
bushing may not be changed to accommodate such motion
via change in bushing type, for example to a spherical bearing or
similar component involving internal moving parts. Pins or keys may
be used to prevent the rotation of alternate bushings, but may serve
no other purpose than that of retaining the bushing in the desired
position. Differential mount bushings are not considered to be suspension
bushings and are not covered by this allowance.

Here’s what the arms look like, pretty sweet! I’ve emailed the manufacturer to see if they make another option for the bushing, I don’t expect that they do, but we will see. From there I will have to see if I can get something fabricated, or may have to go with another manufacturer’s part.

350z Control Arm from SPL Pro Suspension

Here are some of the other suspension parts that came today.

TrueChoice Phase 4 Double Adjustable Koni coil overs for the front of the car with 650lb springs

350z Front Double Adjustable Shock from TrueChoice

For the rear of the car, 500lb springs with adjustable spring seats, and regular off the shelf Koni Sport shocks.

350z Rear springs350z rear shock I had hoped to install all of this on the car this weekend, but I may hold off until I can get the proper camber adjustment in place. As soon as I bring the car down I’m going to have to get an alignment done and likely roll the fenders to get the race tires to fit underneath, but we’ll see for sure on that last part when I get it dropped.


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