The 240Z has life?

So I’m back from Topeka Kansas, I was there for a week attending the SCCA Solo Nationals. It was an interesting week. I didn’t place as high as I would have hoped in the Collins’ Solstice, but I had a blast nonetheless.

While out there Nick Jackson and I did a lot of soul searching. We’ve been talking for the past few weeks about what to do with the Project240z, here are a few of the options we’ve discussed.

- Buy an LS1 and drop it in and continue to run in XP
- Buy a 5.3 Vortec out of a Tahoe and continue to run in XP
- Drop in the 78 280Z motor in the garage and run FP
- Sell the car and buy one of the following to run
    - C5 Z06 to run in SS
    - 06+ Mustang GT to run in FS

Well, I think option 4.1 is leading the pack right now.

Though my goal is to have the 240Z running by the end of October. My plan is to pull the bad motor out of the car tomorrow, and start replacing the leaky seal in the motor out of the 78 parts car.

Get the 78 motor together, fuel injection setup off the Turbo motor, possibly the turbo, intake and exhaust over as well.

Install the 78 in the car, get the car running, paint the car, sell the car.

We’ll see where I end up, but I’m definitely keeping my options open.

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Chris Hammond
Chris Hammond has autocrossed for 24 years, racing in a variety of vehicles from a 1994 VW Golf to a 1999 Z-28, a 2003 350z, a 2004 ZO6 and a 2016 FRS. He is the founder of and created the ultimate autocross forum, SOLO2.ORG, years ago . Read more at


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