SPL control arms in BSP

So I finally heard back from SPL Parts regarding an email I sent a few weeks ago. I emailed them to ask if they could provide me the information on what the arms are configured for in terms of the heim joints.

In summary of the previous blog post, the heim joints aren’t legal in B Street Prepared (or any street prepared class in the SCCA). So these arms aren’t legal.

350z Control Arm from SPL Pro Suspension

SPL finally responded with

the rod end thread on our arms is 5/8"-18 right hand, the width of the bearing w/ spacers is 1.96" and bore size is 10mm.

Now the question is, can I come up with something that will work to replace those that will be legal in BSP? I doubt it, but it’s worth looking. Right now I am running the OEM Control arms modified with some custom offset bushings.


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