San Francisco Region SCCA Boondoggle 2011 Results

So today was the first day for a few things

  • It was my first time running an autocross with the San Francisco Region of the SCCA. I must say things went fairly well, even with of the normal first event hiccups.
  • It was my first time running this 350z on RComps, and any 350z on 18” tires on 10” wide wheels. Overall I was impressed, though I long for 315 Hoosier A6s!

Today’s event was held at California’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA. I started out slow, but finally kicked it in gear a bit on my 4th and final run. I realized today that I used to drive balls to the wall all the time at an autocross, I guess in my old age I’m not doing that as much, so it took me a while to turn that switch back on.

Here’s video of my first run, 42.7** seconds, 2 cones. Check out some of that inside tire spin, a definite sign that I need to get a new LSD.

Here’s my fourth run, I wish I had adjusted the rear camera a bit better, but I can’t change that now.

I was shooting video with the ChaseCam and my original GoPro, my GoPro HD had some issues and no longer works. I’m hoping I can get a replacement for it ASAP as next weekend is a two day divisional also being held at Great America, though fortunately this time on a bigger lot, today was awful cramped mid day when all the second session drivers and first session drivers were trying to park and such.

So how did I end up for the day? Well, I was running in the Index ( X ) class, and I got stomped! I finished 17 out of 22 in the class, 41st or so overall on the event index. I think I would have been in 3rd place out of 6 had I been running BSP with the regular class.


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