San Diego National Tour Day 1

I’m worn out, so this will likely not be as long as it should be, but here’s a quick summary of the day today.

First heat, they got an extra run/look at the course due to some unforeseen issues with the surface, the course got changed, and the event started over 1hr into the day. Good deal for them, not so much for those who were working. Fortunately I was just walking around talking on the mic.

I ran third heat, first run went out and the car did okay, I was sitting in 2nd place after first drivers in BSP. After all drivers went I was in 4th (final trophy spot). I was all over the rev limiter in 2nd on the run, hitting the limit MULTIPLE times MULTIPLE times on the course.

From there it went downhill. 2nd run I decided to shift to 3rd and left it in third for a long time. That actually played out well (I think, I’m hoping to look at the data tonight and see if it was faster), up until right before the finish slalom, in which I lost control of the car and spun out.

My third run started off bad, missing a turn, braking when I didn’t need to be. I shifted to third around the same place and ran downhill fast. I downshifted right before the final slalom and made it into the slalom without spinning, but I managed to take out the first two cones. I wasn’t to thrilled with the run, but my raw time was over a second faster than the first, knowing how bad I screwed up a few places I was happy with the result.

After day 1 I’m sitting in 7th in BSP, and more importantly in 2nd in ZSP (we’re running our own mini class of Nissan’s in BSP). I plan to catch Grant tomorrow though, look out Gman!

I don’t have the videos from today squared away yet, but you can watch the time lapse from the road trip on Thursday

Well in the time it look to post this, I got one video up, from Run 1


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