Progress is slow, but I do have a new video!

So I spent some time tonight working on trying to remove the intake manifold from the car. Long story short, I didn’t get very far and I’m going to pull the motor back out of the car on Saturday. Getting parts removed off the motor is a huge pain in the rear with it in the car, so I’m just going to disconnect the driveshaft, motor mount and transmission mount and pull the thing back out for now.

I’ll probably take this time to look at replacing the fuel rail and injectors while I have it out of the car. I need to pull it out so I can retap some of the holes I need to fill, as well as clean it out, I’m sure it has all sorts of crap in there that I’d rather not blow into the motor the first time it starts up.

Here is a link to the video from this evening. Nothing too interesting, but a cool camera angle. Removing the motor on Saturday should make for some good video…


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