Prepping for the 350z Stud Install

I was going to do a blog post on tonight with a video embedded that I took at the NASA Ames Research Center tweetup, but unfortunately the video I produced came out at 800mb and between youtube and my connection it doesn’t look like that video is going to be ready for the public to view tonight.

So instead I’m going to post here on Why? Well in last night’s post I mentioned that the Lug Nuts I picked up from Five Point Tire Imports wouldn’t fit in the wheels for the car. So today I went by there again (after the tweetup) and replaced the lug nuts with ones that should fit on the car just fine.

I did some reading tonight, and dug around in my service manual, so that I can get the car into the garage in the morning and start installing the new longer studs (after removing the OEM shorter studs).

I also picked up a second GoProHD battery pack today, so if I run out of juice on the GoPro tomorrow while working on the car I should be able to swap it easily and extend my recording.


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