P240z Time to start again

Tonight I begin working on the 240Z again. It’s been quite a while since I’ve worked on it, 3 weeks or so, due to work and school and of course, Opening Day at Fenway.

Tonight I’ll be bench bleeding the rebuilt brake master cylinder that I picked up back towards the end of the month, then i plan to install the MC and bleed the brake system with the help of my father. After that I’m going to work on the interior of the car a bit more, cleaning up the rust and painting over the clean metal with hopes to prevent more rust.

Thursday I’ll be doing more, hopefully getting to the point where I can install the pulley that Tuxedo Park Racing is currently working on. The pully has a 36-1 trigger wheel on it for the Megasquirt Ford EDIS setup. Once I have the pulley on I’m going to start fabricating the bracket to mount the VR sensor, and hopefully get some wires run this weekend.

I was hoping to do some welding, but it looks like Harbor Freight has the welder I ordered on backorder. It sure as nice of them to tell me that when I ordered. I had to call and listen to the automated system just to find that out. If they don’t come up with one tomorrow I’m cancelling my order and I’ll look elsewhere for a welder, or get someone to do some welding for me. Russ has a welder he thinks might work, so I’ll try to drag him over if I can.

More tonight after some work is accomplished.


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