P240Z A bit done here, a bit done there.

Take 2, stupid internet browsers, I typed this once, I guess that’s what I get for not typing it up in Windows Live Writer instead of in the browser. As anyone who has read the blog consistantly will know, I never get as much done as I “plan” to do in a given time frame, this weekend so far is no exception. Thursday I got most of the driver’s seat mounts welded into place, but I didn’t finish them off, I left the tabs for the actualy mounts off. Friday night I tested some rust remover on the exhaust manifold, no luck on removing any rust with the products I tried. This morning I got up at 9:30am, lounged around for an hour and a half. I went out to the garage and welded in the tabs for the driver’s side seat mount. From there I was all over the place, here’s a list of things I worked on today, in no particular order
Test fitted new injectors in fuel rail/intake manifold

  • Cleaned the intake manifold
  • Cleaned the exhaust manifold
  • Test fitted IAT sensor in intake manifold
  • Cleaned the transmission and bell housing
  • Scraped undercoating off the car around the transmission tunnel and floorboards
  • Removed all the stock fuel lines (3)
  • Mounted the fuel pump and bracket
  • Test ran some new braided fuel line (need to buy more as I don’t think 20ft is enough
  • Prepped the driver’s side interior for paint (removed paint/primer, will do passenger side and paint later this week)

I’ve gotta try to hit the junk yard tomorrow, also will be racing Jansoon’s M3, so we’ll see how my first BMW experience goes.

Here are photos of the driver’s side seat mounts, as well as the prep work for paint. From the RearRear Driver SideDriver SideDriver Side Seat MountsDriver Side Seat Mount TabPassenger Side (not prepped)Driver Side (prepped)


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