Old Project Z posts

I’ve been doing some work on SOLO2.ORG the past two evenings, working on restoring a bunch of my old blog posts from over there from the early days of the site. There was a lot of content that went missing over the various conversions of the site the past 4-5 years.

I managed to bring a number of the posts back, and found a lot of old posts about my original 2003 350z (the current one I have is a 2004), at which point in time I just called it Project Z (rather than Project350z).

I’m not going to pull the posts over here into Project350z.com (though I might update and repost some eventually), but if you would like to see them you should check out this list.

  • 350Z Bosch Wiper Blades 3/14/2004
  • Nissan 350Z Koni Shocks 3/15/2004
  • 2004 KCRSCCA Autocross Event #1 3/22/2004
  • Nissan Warranty Items! 350Z 3/23/2004
  • RF T162C speaker review 5/24/2004
  • Learned to mount tires tonight! 5/25/2004
  • 350Z Shock writeup coming tomorrow! 6/7/2004
  • SOLO2.ORG Project Z Koni Install Article 6/8/2004
  • Initial Koni Impressions 6/9/2004
  • 350Z Alignment, Finally getting fast, Koni Settings, and Hoosier Tire Impressions 6/14/2004
  • Project Z makes a run at Midiv! 7/8/2004
  • Project Z Update, Solo II Nationals, More Warranty 9/23/2004
  • 350Z Trailer Hitch for the Project Z 1/28/2005
  • Project 350Z ready for the 2005 Autocross Season 3/5/2005
  • Sway bar install for the Project 350Z 3/9/2005
  • 350Z Engine Problems 3/29/2005
  • Project 350Z gets some new tires, and a new wheel bearing… 4/3/2005
  • 2003 Nissan Solo2.org Project 350Z at the Atlanta National Tour 4/17/2005
  • Project Z breaks 47k miles in Sauget 4/26/2005
  • Project Z gets a new Swaybar 8/12/2005
  • Project Z rolls over 64000 Miles 1/12/2006


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