Mark stops by with a welder

Some of you have kept up with my blog posts, first Scott got on me about using Bondo on the Project 240z, so he said to have someone come over and weld on the car instead of using bondo. So I started looking for a welder, might as well do it myself right? Well I didn’t have much luck in the price range I was looking for. I had originally ordered something from Harbor Freight, but they suck and I cancelled the order because it ended up being on backorder.

Mark Huebbe from offered to let me borrow his welder for a week as he isn’t going to need it this coming weekend due to the Rallycross event.

I jumped on the offer and he brought the welder over this evening. He took the time to give me some quick lessons, of which I was in dire need. Thanks for all your help Mark, and most of all thanks for the use of the welder! Everyone should be sure to stop by Mark’s build site as he puts together his Rally Bug!

Now for Tonight’s Video! It can be found here.


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