Injen Super SES exhaust removal, OEM 350z exhaust installation

If you’ve followed my struggles here on, you know by now that my 2004 350z came (when I purchased it in January 2010) with an Injen Super SES exhaust system. This system was a true dual exhaust setup from the cats back.

You might also remember I’ve complained a few times about it leaking. Well, I finally gave in. Injen wasn’t helpful in getting me a replacement part to repair the leaking section (at the welds) so I went and purchased an OEM exhaust from a local guy off of

I’ve had the exhaust sitting in my garage for a month or more, and finally got around to making room to get the car in and up on jackstands so that I could take the POS Injen system off the car. In the spirit of all the videos I used to do for (and for all the future videos I plan to do here) I’ve done another time lapse. Here’s the YouTube video, you can hear the Injen exhaust as I back in, the car without any exhaust system connected to the cats, and then the OEM exhaust. (the first part of the video is me cleaning up the garage, much needed so I could make room for the car)

I must say, I kind of liked the sound of the car when I fired it up without any exhaust (dumping at the cats), though I’m sure my neighbors didn’t care for it, and I’m 100% positive the police wouldn’t like me driving around like that either. The stock exhaust is far too quiet, but it will have to do for now.

Here in the next few weeks I’ll be putting together a blog post on parts and modifications I need to make to the car for the 2011 autocross season. I’m still not sure what class I will run in yet, either STR, BSP, or maybe even SSM.

I need to see if anyone makes a trailer hitch for a 350z so that I can haul wheels and tires around. I know I had one before, but the guy who made it isn’t making them anymore. I’ll also need to locate another trailer. To be honest, if I was in Missouri I would just call up the buddy who purchased my 03 350z and ask for the hitch and trailer, he’s not using them!

I’ve yet to decide what I’ll do with the Injen system. I may try to sell it, I may take it somewhere for scrap.

Injen, if you’re reading this, I’m still open to putting the SuperSES system back on the car, but I need your help replacing the midpipes to do that! I’m even willing to pay, but I need you guys to respond to basic customer service emails.


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