If at first you don't succeed

So tonight didn’t go to well. First off, I marked the tabs on the seat mounts for drilling, drilled the holes, (all too close to the edges IMHO) only to figure out that I had marked the holes with the corbeau bracket turned sideway, so they were all off by 90 degrees.

Easy enough, redrill 3 of the holes, one was even worse off than before, too close to an edge, but I figured wtf I might as well tighten them all down and mount the seat right? See some progress. Wrong. The seat won’t fit. Long story short, be sure to measure everything before you go off and mount a seat!

I’ll be cutting off the tabs and welding on new tabs tomorrow/saturday. The new ones will point forward, bringing the seat forward on the new mounts, rather than backwards, this should create the room I need. Currently it’s impossible to get the rear two bolts into the seat on the bracket, partially because I can’t actually slide the seat back all the way because it hits the wheel well for the rear.

I am glad I chose to do the passenger side first, this way I should have the process down pat for when I go to build the driver’s side mounts this weekend. No pics, too pissed off tonight.

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