Good news on the Project front!

Today I spent a short time working on the parts car, working on removing the interior. You can check out the video here. Notice the flannel pants, and sweatshirt. I really didn't want to do any work today, but I forced myself to at least do a little.

After doing that little work I started trying to figure out how I can get rid of the parts car. I drove over to Hall Street, and found no one over there to take it. So I headed to Illinois and Speedway said they would take it. So next weekend it's making a trip to Illinois for it's final resting place.

After that I headed to Sauget to do some inventory on the 240Z, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised! I had forgotten how much of the stock interior actually remained in the car. I was very happy to find that the headliner, center console, dash, and some of the tunnel interior still there, which makes my life a WHOLE lot easier to get it legal for SM2 in SCCA Autocross. So I only have to order a few things, rather than a complete interior which I was having trouble finding!

More work tomorrow, I need to finish up the 280Z tomorrow as I'm going to be on the East Coast all of next week.

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