Getting the engine ready to put back in the car

So I spent most of the day today in the garage, the first time I’ve done that in probably 20 months, it was nice! Thanks to Dave for coming over and helping me out for a bit, if he hadn’t come over I wouldn’t have gotten all that I did, done.

Here’s what all was accomplished today.

  • Alternator completely mounted
  • Coolant line run and gasket created
  • Rear main seal replaced
  • Clutch installed
  • Transmission installed
  • EDIS pulley mounted
  • Turbo mounted

The motor is pretty much ready to go into the car now, I just need to finish prepping the transmission cross member by putting in the new bushings, put the motor mounts on, and slide it in the engine bay!

Here’s today’s video, though we missed the lowering of the motor off the engine stand, the battery died on the camera and I didn’t realize.

And a few pictures at the end of the day

Turbo for the Datsun Turbo for the Datsun The engine reassembled


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