Fuse block/panel acquired

So I have been delaying wiring up the car a bit, partially because I don’t understand it all, and partially because I am afraid! I’m a computer geek, but not always the best when it comes to working on the car, I question everything I do, maybe because I blew up the last motor?

Part of the wiring problem I’ve had is that I needed to get a fuse block to start hooking things up to, the original block had melted long ago, and only half worked. Last night I went to PepBoys and CarToys looking to see if I could find anything, with no luck. Today I decided to try Napa, SCORE! I actually got two different blocks. One 6 pole and one 10 pole, that way I can break things up if necessary. I hope to get the wiring started this weekend, I would like to attempt to have the car running again, which I think really just means I need to get a switch wired for the starter.

I’m not going to deal with a key for the car, this car long run isn’t going to be something someone will be able to walk up and start anyways.

So we’ll see how far I get, I may also have to go look at this on Saturday…. (link to welder removed)


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