For Sale (4) 18x10inch +38 Enkei RPF1 w/ 710s

Asking $1600 local (delivery extra, I have small vehicles so transport is a pain). Currently located in Half Moon Bay, California, just south of San Francisco.

It looks like 2012 will be a no go for me (no budget to get the car where it needs to be) so I am going to part ways with my beautiful 18x10” +38 Enkei RPF1s. The wheels currently have 18” 305 Kumho 710s mounted, plenty of tread left, though not competitive nationally, great for local/regional events.

These were mounted on my 2004 Nissan 350z, 1/4 prepped for BSP. Rears fit without any spacers, front used a 10mm spacer. If you are interested in buying the car, let me know, it is not currently up for sale, but could be.

Currently offering local (stored in Half Moon Bay) with hopes of selling and not having to deal with shipping.

I purchased this combo about a year ago, pretty much as they sit, ran them for the year, never have had them off or flipped. Wheels are painted black on the outside, don’t know if that was done by the PO or someone else.

Wheels are in okay shape, couple nicks here or there, no curb rash, see pictures (larger versions on Flickr). These are autocross wheels/tires and have been treated as such. After looking at the pics, I probably should have at least washed them..

Contact 350z @ for info

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On car

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Chris Hammond has autocrossed for 24 years, racing in a variety of vehicles from a 1994 VW Golf to a 1999 Z-28, a 2003 350z, a 2004 ZO6 and a 2016 FRS. He is the founder of and created the ultimate autocross forum, SOLO2.ORG, years ago . Read more at


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