Cutting up the JPipe

I got some work done on the car, I think I figured out one of the biggest holdups I’ve had.

The JPipe on my motor (the pipe from the Turbo to the Throttlebody) was mangled pretty bad, so much it wouldn’t get a good seal on the throttlebody. Last night I cut about 4 inches out of it and bashed it with a rubber mallet for a while. I think I managed to get it where it will get a seat on the throttle body and still connect to the turbo. At least, hopefully a good enough seal the motor will run, after it runs the pipe will be tossed as it’ll get replaced with an intercooler.

After playing with the pipe for a while I finally got around to removing the wastegate cover, tonight I’ll test fit the downpipe onto the turbo. Here are some photos from last night.

Turbo to Throttle Body Throttle Body take my photo I dare u My crooked back Waste Gate Housing Waste Gate Housing Waste Gate Housing Turbo Turbo


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