Bondo cleanup and Gas tank removal

I sanded the area that I bondo’d yesterday on the 240Z. I also then cleaned and sprayed it with primer. Now the Project 240Z officially consists of 6, count them 6, colors. Blue, orange, white, black, brown, and grey. After that I removed the gas tank so I can have that cleaned up like we had done with the radiator last week.

Check out the video /bondo-and-gas-tank-removal

For now, I think Krekeler is safe, the car most likely won’t be ready for the first St. Louis region event on 4/15. So….. anyone looking for a codriver in SM2 for the first event??? :)

I’m still hoping to have the car running, and street legal before my deadline of May 6th, or 9th, whatever the date of the bet with Seelig was. Though, we’ll see if I make that one or not.

There’s still a lot left to do on the car. The more I dig into it, the more I wish I had done all this crap back in the fall! I really should of stripped the car to begin with and sent it off for paint and body work!


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