A space heater and gasoline...

Today Nick and I ran around town, getting some metal for his 240Z, then around to find a few other supplies that he needed.

When I got home I was half motivated to work on the car! So I went out to the garage, after sitting on the couch for 30 minutes, and got to working. It’s still cold here in St. Louis so I had the garage door closed and decided to plug the space heater in to warm it up a little bit.

I put together a little rolling stool that I purchased from Sears a few weeks back (please don’t visit www.slickdeals.net, that site will make you spend more money at Sears than you ever have before). After putting the stool together I decided I should get to work on the motor.

What motor? This motor is out of a 78 280Z 2+2. The parts car, it ran when I got it, so the plan right now is to transfer the turbo/intake/fuel system from the blown 83 motor to this motor.

So I started on the motor, working on taking the fuel rail off the motor, along with the injectors and such (all this will be for sale later this week). I had most everything removed so that I could pull the fuel rail and injectors when I found one hose that was still hooked up to the intake manifold. Being that the motor is 30 years old some of the hoses and clamps are a little hard to remove, easy enough fix, I got a pair of dykes and started cutting.

Out pours some gasoline, which I found odd that there was still any fuel in the system. A few moments later when more fuel poured out I realized that the space heater was sitting less than 2 feet from where the fuel was hitting the floor.

Talk about getting your heart rate going, I jumped, grabbed the space heater and lifted it off the ground, quickly unplugging it and removing it from the area.

Thankfully nothing caught fire! That would of sucked! More work tomorrow, I’m going to try and get the motor up on an engine stand so I can replace the rear main seal which leaks, and try to check everything over before I put it all back together.

I could “possibly” have this motor running by the end of the month in the car. But I know how lazy and busy I am, so I have no doubts that there is no way I’ll get all that done :) More info and pictures tomorrow, possibly even a new 240Z video!


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