240Z First Autocross Run, Last Autocross run of 2007

So I got up bright and early this morning, well it wasn’t bright, the sun wasn’t up yet. Headed out to Gateway Raceway in Madison Illinois for Event 7 of the St. Louis Region SCCA Solo Series. My parents came out in their large RV so I wanted to get out there early and be sure to get them a spot to park it.

After getting worker assignments squared away I took the car over and got it teched. All went well in tech and then Whittle came over and started messing around with the megasquirt. By the time the second heat came around, the heat in which I was running, it was getting rather warm out.

More on this post coming tomorrow as I updated it, short notes until then:

Car starts, car ran, car dies, and it’s all vanity

Two quick photos, a lot more still uploading


And part of the reason the motor no longer runs, it doesn’t appear to even turn over.

This isn't good


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