2020 Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) Falken RT660 Tires

2020 Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) Falken RT660 Tires

The time has come, Falken has updated the tire for SSC for 2020 with their latest and greatest Azenis RT660. I’ll save you all the story about how there was testing in September (I couldn’t stay for it), and how they were delayed getting to the states and you have the option of running either the RT-615k or the RT-660 for the 2020 season. All you really need to know is that the RT-660 is a much better tire, and highly recommended (required mostly) if you’re running the SSC autocross class with the SCCA.

The tires are still a great price for SSC (as were the 615ks), I can currently get them from Tire Rack shipped to my door (or favorite installer) for $549!

I ran my first local event on these tires 2 days ago, and I am still on a euphoric high from their performance and my placement at the top of the PAX/Index results. These tires are a huge upgrade over the 615ks. That’s not to say I didn’t like the 615ks, I feel they served as a great tire for 2 years in the infancy of the Solo Spec Coupe class, but the 660s are so much more. They are sticky. They are fun, they are competitive!

I look forward to the rest of the 2020 season and have gone ahead and booked myself into the Topeka ProSolo this weekend in Kansas.

Here’s a video from our fastest run, Run #6, at the event, using our JD1 Camera Mount with a new GoPro Hero 8 Black

YouTube Video

Autocross Settings:

Front Swaybar: Soft setting
Rear Swaybar: Stiff Setting
Front Konis: 0.5 turn from soft
Rear Konis: 1.5 turns from soft
Front Tire Pressure: 30 psi
Rear Tire Pressure: 29 psi


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